Portrait of the Week

we doThis weeks image is from Rick & Laura’s Country Wedding. You might not think you can get cute couple photography on a farm tractor?! Well, here is proof that you certainly can! Rick & Laura were an adorable couple and high school sweethearts so this was an important factor when it came to the couple portraiture as I wanted that to come across in the images. The idea of using the chalk board came to me when thinking of school and while they are showing the world how in love they are they still manage to keep a kinda innocence when hiding their shared kiss from us.


Image of the Week ~ 52

Under my Foot!I can’t resist sharing more of the perspective portrait session from last Saturdays Wedding.

As I was explaining in post 51, I really wanted the youthful and fun side of my couple to come through the images as they did not want anything traditional and they are a youthful couple who are high school sweethearts! And, I love playing with perspective with the camera. The American Photographer William Eggleston is a massive inspiration to me in that way of looking. Looking at the world through a child’s eye. Plus it is always a giggle to do if the couple and party are up for that kind of thing!

Image of the Week ~ 51

Bride & Groom Perspective Portaits 2F2U4057This weeks images are taken from last Weeks Wedding which took place in a beautiful converted old Hyde Bank Farm in Romiley, Stockport, England. The old farm which has a history of being the home of Ann of Cleves who married King Henry Viii is set in a beautiful landscape which is perfect for the portrait ‘scenic’ work. It was such a beautiful setting, the old stone walls and the hight old beamed ceilings created a magical country fairytale feel. The Barn has it has been converted with such care with great attention to detail and the staff were great, friendly and assertive!

These images were discussed about a few weeks before the Wedding when I met up with the couple. They made it clear that they wanted to steer away from anything traditional and ‘stiff’ and as they are a young couple, I wanted that to transcend through the portrait images and it was important to me as a photographer that we all had fun! Both my bride and groom had not had professional photographs before and both were a little nervous about it. It is my job to help the person or people in front of my camera relax and I think to have fun and not take it too serious is when real smiles are captured.

Image of the Week ~ 50

3 Generations of BridesI am currently editing Saturday’s absolutely beautifully scrumptious wedding which took place in Stockport. The weather has been crazy and it was forecasted to rain all day. Thankfully we were blessed and there was a few hours of sunshine for the outdoor family portraits… and this is were I took this shot of the bride, the mother and grandmothers wedding rings. Three generations of Brides. Probably one of my favourite photographs I have taken at a wedding to date!

Image of the Week ~ 49

L sugar sugar L lipsticks Ldress L shoes L flowers L big vow L CAKE Lgb L flowergirl L strawberrysI really enjoyed showing a set of detail shots a couple of weeks ago from Phil & Gem’s Wedding in June and I think it is something I would like to do more of.  These scrummy detail shots are from Laura & Martins big day in my hometown, Liverpool, U.K.  Sometimes, I feel I could say so much about one image, that it tells such a big story on its own terms, that I can only show one image at a time. Other images work better with other images, like they are hand in hand and through a series of images you can get a ‘bigger picture’ of the overall. That’s exactly how I feel about the gorgeous details I see at each Wedding. They are always different to another, even if two different couples start with similar ideas on paper (i;e colour themes) each wedding will be as individual as the couple are. I think these details are some what a clue to the characters of the couple, so to me, it is the sentiment of the couples personalities and fantasies that are hidden in the details that I find so fascinating! 🙂

Image of the Week ~ 48

Laura & Dad in CarThis image is taken from Laura & Martin’s September Wedding as Laura arrives with her father at the venue. It is her last moment with her father as an unmarried women and a special moment for any father and bride! Although my focus is on the gorgeous bridal bouquet it is the warmth shared between the two that makes this image special.

Image of the Week ~ 47

5010 5701 5721 5725 5733 6188 6189 6194 6287This Weeks image has turned into a small series of the gorgeous detail’s from Gem & Phil’s Sunflower & Recycle Wedding. I realised on looking through my blog this morning that these type of shots, I have not blogged before and it is something I take care and attention to do at every wedding. It is not only the people that make a wedding but the individual details say so much about a couple. So much thought, time and love has gone into these details and do make each wedding individual in itself. So this is why I have shown these as a series and I will do the same for other weddings too!


Image of the Week ~ 46

Best Man's SpeechThis Week’s image is taken from Gem & Phil’s Sunflower & Recycled Wedding in June this year. This image was taken as the Best Man gives his speech and as you can see by the image, he did a good job! Speech’s are a great time for a photographer to capture some fantastic facial expressions! Most couples look nervous before the speech starts in anticipation of what may be said, some couples laugh out load a lot to the point of tears, some couples cringe and you can really see it in their face but most of all it’s a great time of story telling and there will always be something touching about this shared experience.


Image of the Week ~ 45

The Bride Waiting to be Married.This portrait of a bride is probably my best bridal portrait yet! It was taken at yesterdays Wedding, Saturday 14th September that took place in Crewe. I shot for approximately 10 hours maybe a little longer and I went back to shooting in natural light (apart from the evening reception were flash is necessary)  which I am so glad I did! I feel my most comfortable with natural light and I think when the light is available plus you get it right it technically, the light and shade makes for such a painterly finished photograph.

This is the first time I have ever done this as a photographer but this photograph is totally un edited! I have not touched its exposure levels or contrast or colour. I really think this image is best left un touched. I love it and it is one of my favourite portrait shots to date. For me after personally spending time with this bride, I know that she was not just thinking about marrying her beloved Ossie on that day but there was a lot of emotional room for her grandmother who passed away last October. There were several points in the day were she was mentioned or her photograph was placed by the cake and so forth. I feel that this really comes through in this image.

Image of the Week ~ 44

The BrideOk, so I realise that I post nothing for weeks then I post loads in one morning… But I am all ready to go and shoot Wedding number 8 for this year! I feel so lucky and blessed that every one I have worked with have recommended me to somebody else! I do feel very honoured and I am praying and working hard that this only grows for myself.

Through my personal work I have had many clients approach me asking if I could photograph their Wedding Day. They say to me that they love my style of photography and that they want their Wedding Day photographs to be natural and edgy. I am always honoured.  I naturally take the Artistic Wedding Photojournalist approach, photographing the moments as they happen. I follow the energy of the people and the day rather than dictate it. Though, if a couple requests portraiture and group shots, I always say Yes! As I do love a ‘Vogue’ moment!  For me being a Wedding Photographer entails so much more than taking the pictures on the day. I am a photographer who believes in editing all my own work and creating something physically beautiful for you to hold and keep from your big day, which reflects somewhat the effort, the love and attention to detail, that you put into your big day..